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ChangJie: Pioneering Metal Tube Processing Innovations Since 1990

Innovative Engineering, Tailored Solutions

Since our inception in 1990, CJ Group has consistently led the metal tube processing industry, particularly in the European and American markets. Our expertise lies in developing custom-engineered solutions, including tube chamfering machine,tube bending machine, circular saws, laser tube cutting machine and pipe end forming machine. Each piece of our equipment, from tube polishing machine to specialized aluminum profile cutting and drilling machine, is designed with precision to cater to specific industry requirements.


Commitment to Excellence and Sustainability

Our approach blends technological advancement with a profound commitment to operational excellence. This synergy ensures we don’t just meet but exceed our clients' expectations. Our ISO-9001 and CE certifications stand as a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and reliability. We are proud adopters of Lean manufacturing principles, which reflect in the way our machinery becomes not just a tool, but a catalyst for efficiency and growth in your business.


Transforming Concepts into Reality

Our experienced design team focuses on understanding your requirements, conducting detailed analysis, verifying feasibility, and recommending solutions that streamline production timelines and reduce costs. We specialize in developing comprehensive and intricate tooling for tube and profile processing, providing innovative, custom-tailored solutions.


Beyond Engineering – A Partner in Your Success

More than just engineering solutions, we believe in fostering enduring partnerships. Our approach to after-sales service is centered on providing comprehensive support and maintenance, ensuring your investment in our technology continues to yield results long into the future.


Shaping the Future Together

Our philosophy goes beyond mere manufacturing; we strive to be pioneers, shaping the future of metal tube processing. Join us in this journey, and let’s create a more efficient, innovative, and sustainable industry together.

Quality Policy

Since 2000, CJ's commitment to quality has been validated by an internationally accredited Certification Agency, which awarded us ISO 9001 certification.

Our Quality Policy is anchored in:

l  Persistent enhancement of skills and processes to guarantee efficiency and excellence in our operations;

l  Focusing on achieving customer satisfaction through superior quality in products and services;

l  Enhancing our team's capabilities through comprehensive training, aiming to boost skills and elevate performance.

Quality Control

We actively track key performance indicators to ensure excellence in our operations. These include:

l  Supplier performance evaluation;

l  Efficiency of internal processes, including delivery timelines and adherence to supply specifications;

l  Analysis of quality-related costs, encompassing both internal and external nonconformities and departmental inefficiencies;

l  Customer satisfaction levels, gauged by assessing client feedback on the quality of our products and services;

l  Continual staff development through targeted training programs and educational courses.

Spare Parts:

Always Beside You

Our state-of-the-art warehouse is dedicated to providing an extensive selection of spare parts.

We ensure the dependability of our machines through exceptional after-sales service, offering a wide array of spare parts encompassing both standard and specialized components. In designing our machinery, we prioritize cutting-edge technology that is readily accessible in the market. Our expert team is committed to swiftly addressing production challenges, ensuring your systems remain consistently operational.


Robust After-Sales Service Plans and Commitments

CJ Group pledges high-quality maintenance for your system's optimal performance. We guarantee the integrity and functionality of our engineering solutions, equipment, and materials, ensuring smooth operation. Download our detailed service plans and commitments for more information.


Empowering Agency Support

As a leading supplier of insulating glass processing machines, CJ Group's new distributor program is designed to enhance your sales efficacy. Our blend of your marketing acumen and our premium products ensures a formidable partnership. Learn about impactful sales tools and partnership benefits in our reseller program.


Inclusive Sales Tools for Maximum Impact

Our comprehensive toolkit includes distributor sales guides, manuals, leaflets, price lists, e-commerce support, advertising aids, showroom materials, promotional items, and educational resources. These tools are engineered to exponentially boost your sales and profitability.


Dedication to R&D and Sales Excellence

Our tube processing equipment team is committed to your success. We're confident our dealer plan will positively impact your sales and business growth, and we wish you unparalleled success.

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